Recent problems in research on transition to adulthood: Country focus Serbia
Ignjatović Suzana
Stanovnistvo, 2009 47(1):7-22
Details  Cross Ref cited by(1)  Full text ( 231 KB)  DOI:10.2298/STNV0901007I
Same sex families and children
Mršević Zorica
Stanovnistvo, 2009 47(1):23-47
Details  Full text ( 277 KB)  DOI:10.2298/STNV0901023M
Reproductive rights: Current issues of late abortion
Mujović-Zornić Hajrija
Stanovnistvo, 2009 47(1):49-67
Details  Full text ( 247 KB)  DOI:10.2298/STNV0901049M
Daycare as an entitlement and as a service in the social welfare system
Matković Gordana
Stanovnistvo, 2009 47(1):69-88
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