Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Metallurgy 2006 Volume 42, Issue 1, Pages: 1-11
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Copper solvent extraction from chalcopyrite concentrate acid leach solutions by LIX 984

Elamari K., Jdid E.A., Blazy P.

Copper production from ores or sulphide concentrates is classically realized by pyrometallurgical route. In this study, hydrometallurgical treatment of a copper sulphide concentrate, provided by Hajar Mine (ONA-Group, Morocco), was tested by using a mixture of nitric and hexafluorosilicic acids. Copper is present in the solid product as chalcopyrite and its amount is 28.1 % by weight. Leaching stage allows to dissolve more than 90% of copper witch is accompanied, in the same averages, by Zn and Fe. The leach solution obtained has pH = 0.6 and Eh = 580 mV/ENH and contains 19.3 g/L Cu, 18.1 g/L Fe, 4.5 g/L Zn and 0.03 g/L Pb. The recovery of copper from this leach solution was curried out by solvent extraction using Lix 984, diluted in Escaid 110. McCabe - Thiele distribution isotherms showed that at pH 1.7 total and selective copper extraction can be realized with Øo:Øa =1.5:1 in 3 extraction stages. Stripping of the loaded copper by treating the organic phases was easily obtained by a sulphuric acid solution.

Keywords: Chalcopyrite, Solvent extraction, Nitric acid, Hexafluorosilic acid, Lix 984

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