Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection 2002 Volume 17, Issue 1-2, Pages: 64-67
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Thermal neutron flux distribution in ET-RR-2 reactor thermal column

Imam Mahmoud M., Roushdy Hassan

The thermal column in the ET-RR-2 reactor is intended to promote a thermal neutron field of high intensity and purity to be used for following tasks: (a) to provide a thermal neutron flux in the neutron transmutation silicon doping, (b) to provide a thermal flux in the neutron activation analysis position, and (c) to provide a thermal neutron flux of high intensity to the head of one of the beam tubes leading to the room specified for boron thermal neutron capture therapy. It was, therefore, necessary to determine the thermal neutron flux at above mentioned positions. In the present work, the neutron flux in the ET-RR-2 reactor system was calculated by applying the three dimensional diffusion depletion code TRITON. According to these calculations, the reactor system is composed of the core, surrounding external irradiation grid, beryllium block, thermal column and the water reflector in the reactor tank next to the tank wall. As a result of these calculations, the thermal neutron fluxes within the thermal column and at irradiation positions within the thermal column were obtained. Apart from this, the burn up results for the start up core calculated according to the TRITION code were compared with those given by the reactor designer.

Keywords: thermal flux, thermal column, diffusion depletion code, reactor system, fuel burn up, start of core

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