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Hemijska industrija 2012 Volume 66, Issue 5, Pages: 759-767
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Oxidation of hydroxide ions at platinum modified zeolite electrode

Mudrinić Tihana M., Mojović Zorica D., Rabi-Stanković Abu Anđela S., Ivanović-Šašić Ana Z., Milutinović-Nikolić Aleksandra D., Jovanović Dušan M.

NaX zeolite was modified by platinum via impregnation/thermal decomposition technique, using Pt(II)-acetylacetonate in acetone as an impregnating solution. The samples were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and cyclic voltammetry methods. The mixture of modified zeolite and 10 wt % of carbon black, in a form of thin layer, was pasted to a glassy carbon surface. With this mixture as the electrode material hydroxide ions oxidation was studied by cyclic voltammetry. The response of modified zeolite electrodes was compared with bare platinum electrode and platinum electrode covered with Nafion film.

Keywords: platinum-modified zeolite, hydroxide ion oxidation, cyclic voltammetry