Pre-roman and Roman Dardania historical and geographical considerations
Petrović Vladimir P.
Balcanica, 2006 (37):7-23
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Heroic themes of the Trojan cycle in Roman funerary art example of a relief from Pincum
Pilipović Sanja
Balcanica, 2006 (37):25-45
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Such were the times Serbian peasant women born in the 1920s and 1930s and the stories of their lives
Petrović Tanja
Balcanica, 2006 (37):47-59
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People in my life: Picture of socialization
Likomanova Iskra
Balcanica, 2006 (37):61-68
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Patterns of martyrial sanctity in the royal ideology of medieval Serbia continuity and change
Marjanović-Dušanić Smilja
Balcanica, 2006 (37):69-79
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Mount Athos, Wallachian princes (Voyvodes), John Kastriotis, and the Albanian tower, a dependency of Hilandar
Bojović Boško
Balcanica, 2006 (37):81-87
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The enlightenment and the beginnings of modern Serbian culture
Trgovčević Ljubinka
Balcanica, 2006 (37):103-110
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The establishment of Serbian local government in the counties of Niš, Vranje, Toplica and Pirot subsequent to the Serbo-Turkish wars of 1876-1878
Svirčević Miroslav
Balcanica, 2006 (37):111-124
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Sources of the ideology of the Serbian radical movement 1881-1903
Protić Milan St.
Balcanica, 2006 (37):125-142
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Nikola Pašić: The Radicals and the "Black hand" challenges to parliamentary democracy in Serbia 1903-1917
Bataković Dušan T.
Balcanica, 2006 (37):143-169
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France and the Serbian government's Yugoslav project
Pavlović Vojislav
Balcanica, 2006 (37):171-193
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Nation-building under the Austro-Hungarian sceptre Croat-Serb antagonism and cooperation
Trbovich Ana S.
Balcanica, 2006 (37):195-220
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Franco-Serbian relations within the Armée D'Orient 1915-1918
Troude Alexis
Balcanica, 2006 (37):221-239
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Romanian-Serbian relations and the Banat question during the First World War
Sandu Traian
Balcanica, 2006 (37):241-248
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Serbo-Albanian bank in Albania 1925-1927
Mišić Saša
Balcanica, 2006 (37):249-263
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The ephemeral Croatian orthodox church and its Bosnian extension
Besse Jean-Paul
Balcanica, 2006 (37):265-270
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The December revolt in Athens British intervention and Yugoslav reaction: December 1944 - January 1945
Ristović Milan
Balcanica, 2006 (37):271-281
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The Balkans' new political dynamic
Gordon Bardos N.
Balcanica, 2006 (37):283-294
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