Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2008 Volume 73, Issue 12, Pages: 1211-1221
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Photoelectrochemical properties of sol-gel obtained titanium oxide

Panić Vladimir V., Stevanović Sanja I., Mišković-Stanković Vesna B., Jovanović Bratislav Ž., Nikolić Branislav Ž.

The photoelectrochemical properties of a sol-gel prepared titanium oxide coating applied onto a Ti substrate were investigated. The oxide coating was formed from an inorganic sol thermally treated in air at 350°C. The coating consisted of agglomerates of narrow size distribution around 100 nm. The photoelectrochemical characteristics were evaluated by investigating the changes in the open circuit potential, current transients and impedance characteristics of a Ti/TiO2 electrode upon illumination by UV light in H2SO4 solution and in the oxidation of benzyl alcohol. The electrode was found to be active for photoelectrochemical reactions in the investigated solutions.

Keywords: photoelectrochemical activity, titanium oxide, oxide sol, sol-gel procedure, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

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