Victim support and prevention of secondary victimisation: Contemporary legal solutions and practice
Ristanović-Nikolić Vesna
Temida, 2003 6(1):3-10
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Legislation regarding social protection of children and youth in Sweden with particular emphasis on protection from abuse and neglect
Savić Slobodan, Alempijević Đorđe M.
Temida, 2003 6(1):11-18
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Crime victims in the criminal justice system
Ćopić Sanja M.
Temida, 2003 6(1):19-35
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Non-governmental organizations assisting victims of crime in Belgrade: Survey results
Milivojević Sanja K., Mihić Biljana D.
Temida, 2003 6(1):37-43
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The role of health care services in assisting victims of crime
Vidaković Ivana M.
Temida, 2003 6(1):45-51
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City Center for Social Work Belgrade and assistance for victims of crime
Nikolić Jasmina
Temida, 2003 6(1):53-55
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Gorazd Meško: Osnove preprečevanja kriminalitete, Visoka policijsko varnostna šola, Ljubljana, 2002
Simeunović-Patić Biljana J.
Temida, 2003 6(1):63-67
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Brienen M.E.I., Hoegen E.H.: Victims of crime in 22 European criminal justice systems WLP, Nijmegen, 2000
Ristanović-Nikolić Vesna
Temida, 2003 6(1):67-68
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