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Hemijska industrija 2005 Volume 59, Issue 7-8, Pages: 175-179
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Willow wood (Salix alba) as a raw material for pulp production

Klašnja Bojana, Orlović Saša, Radosavljević Nenad, Marković Miroslav

The properties of willow wood (structural-physical and mechanical properties and chemical composition) were investigated to determine the parameters of the technological process of semichemical and sulphate pulp manufacture. The experimental material was willow wood Salix alba cl. 107/65/7. Semichemical and sulphate pulp were obtained in the laboratory. The yield, chemical properties and physical-mechanical properties of the obtained intermediate products intended for paper manufacture, were determined. The properties of poplar wood Populus deltoides Bartr. cl.725, were studied and its pulp production performed with the aim of comparison.

Keywords: willow, poplar semichemical pulp, unbleached sulphate pulp

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