Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly 2008 Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages: 191-203
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The Support Vector Regression with the parameter tuning assisted by a differential evolution technique: Study of the critical velocity of a slurry flow in a pipeline

Lahiri S.K., Ghanta K.C.

This paper describes a robust Support Vector regression (SVR) methodology, which can offer a superior performance for important process engineering problems. The method incorporates hybrid support vector regression and a differential evolution technique (SVR-DE) for the efficient tuning of SVR meta parameters. The algorithm has been applied for the prediction of critical velocity of the solid-liquid slurry flow. A comparison with selected correlations in the literature showed that the developed SVR correlation noticeably improved the prediction of critical velocity over a wide range of operating conditions, physical properties, and pipe diameters.

Keywords: support vector regression, differential evolution, slurry critical velocity

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