Thermal Science 2010 Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages: 505-520
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Numerical analysis of the flue gas-coal particles mixture flow in burner's distribution channels with regulation shutters at the TPP Nikola Tesla - A1 utility boiler

Živković Nikola V., Cvetinović Dejan B., Erić Milić D., Marković Zoran J.

Pulverized coal particles concentration distribution across the burner's distribution channels, especially where plasma torches are installed, is one of the key issues for efficient implementation of plasma system for liquid fuel free combustion support at the pulverized coal fired boilers. The possibility of pulverized coal particles concentration increase at the lower burner channels of TPP Nikola Tesla - A1 boiler using regulation shutters is analyzed experimentally and numerically. Subject of present work is two-phase flue gas-particles mixture flow in burner's distribution channels with regulation shutters installed at the TPP Nikola Tesla - A1 boiler. Aim of this work is to optimize position of implemented system of shutters to achieve desired concentration and velocity distribution in channels with plasma torches, using numerical modelling. Experimental investigation was performed for the verification of proposed mathematical model for the prediction of the analyzed two-phase flow. Based on verified model, numerical parametric analysis was done. Obtained results of gas phase velocity field, coal particles concentration field, velocity and concentration profiles clearly show the dependence between shutters position and the coal particles mass flow rate and concentration distribution at the outlet cross-section of the burner's distribution channels. According to the numerical optimization results suitable modification of the shutter system is proposed.

Keywords: numerical analysis, two-phase flow, flue gas-pulverized coal mixture, burner's distribution channels, utility boiler

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