Science of Sintering 2006 Volume 38, Issue 3, Pages: 223-229
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Geometrical and electrical properties of NTC polycrystalline thermistors vs. Changes of sintering parameters

Savić S.M., Aleksić O.S., Nikolić P.M., Luković D.T.

NTC thermistor powder was made of a Mn, Ni, Fe and Co oxide mixture calcinated at 1050°C / 60 min. The powder was milled in a ball mill down to an average particle diameter of 0.9 μm. Small disc shaped pills of the powder obtained were made by pressing with a pressure of 2.5 MPa. The pills were sintered in the temperature range of 900-1400 °C for 30-240 min. The volume and specific volume resistivity change were measured as a function of sintering conditions. Microstructure development was observed using a SEM microscope. Using the results obtained, optimization of sintering parameters was performed in order to determine optimal electrical properties of the selected thermistor composition.

Keywords: (Mn, Ni, Fe, Co)3O4, NTC thermistor, volume resistivity, microstructure

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