Stomatoloski glasnik Srbije 2004 Volume 51, Issue 3, Pages: 136-141
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Tissue toxicity of root canal sealers

Vujašković Mirjana, Bacetić Dragoljub

The aim of this study was to evaluate tissue response to root canal sealers Tubuliseal and Sealapex. The sealers were freshly mixed and injected in the dorsal subcutaneous connective tissue of 12 Wistar rats.The observation periods were 7 days, 21days and 60 days. Four operative areas were formed ( 2 for test sealers, Tubliseal or Sealapex and 2 for control material) on each animal. Tissue sections were taken from selected sites. Each section included skin, subcutaneous connective tissue and underlying muscle tissue.All blocks were processed with the use of standardized histological procedures.The tissue reactions were studied under light microscopy. Different grades of tissue reaction to the tested materials were recorded as mild, moderate or severe inflammation. After seven days both root canal sealers showed severe inflammatory reaction of connective tissue in experimental animals.Tubuliseal caused prolonged moderate and mild inflammation. Sealapex caused mild inflammation which diminished at the end of the observation period. The results of this study demonstrated that Sealapex was better tolerated by tissue than Tubliseal.

Keywords: tissue toxicity, root canal sealers

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