Acta Periodica Technologica 2008 Issue 39, Pages: 1-9
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Mycopopulation of spices

Dimić Gordana R., Kocić-Tanackov Sunčica D., Tepić Aleksandra N., Vujičić Biserka L., Šumić Zdravko M.

The presence of fungi in cinnamon, marjoram, caraway and clove was investigated. Total fungal counts determined on SMA nutritive medium ranged from 8.0 (clove) to 3.3 × 104 per g (caraway) and from 6.0 to 5.2 × 104 per g on MY50G medium for the same spices. The most frequent contaminants of spice samples were the genera: Eurotium (90%), Aspergillus (80%), Penicillium (75%), Cladosporium (45%), Rhizopus, Scopulariopsis and Syncephalastrum (25%). Producers of sterigmatocystin (80%) were dominant. Producers of aflatoxin (60%) and ochratoxin A (30%) were isolated from the samples.

Keywords: moulds, spices, producers of mycotoxins

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