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Title:Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
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First published:1996
Alternative title:Teorijska i primenjena mehanika
Subject:mathematics and computer sciences; mechanical engineering & industrial software
Description:The Theoretical and Applied Mechanics is aimed to publish contributions from all fields of theoretical and applied mechanics including experimental contributions. Contributions from the field of Control Theory and Thermodynamics, including Heat and Mass Transfer, are welcomed. Interdisciplinary contributions among Elasticity, Plasticity, Continuum Mechanics, Nonclassical Media, Mechanics of Materials, Smart Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Rheology, Relativity, Analitical Mechanics will be specially promoted.
Publisher:Serbian Society of Mechanics, Belgrade
Publisher address:Kneza Miloša 9, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
Chief editor:Vladimir Dragović, Mathematical Institute SANU, Belgrade, Serbia and University of Texas at Dallas, USA,
Editorial board:Teodor Atanackovic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Vladan Ðordevic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Nikola Hajdin, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Antony Kounadis, National Technical, University Athens, Greece
Ingo Müller, Technical University Berlin, Germany
Miodrag Sekulovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Robin Tucker, Lancaster University Lancaster, England
Ranislav Bulatovic, University of Podgorica, Montenegro
Ðorde Ðukic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Jovo Jaric, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Gérard Maugin, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie Paris, France
Ian Murdoch, University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Scotland
Alexander Seyranian, Lomonosov State University Moscow, Russia
Božidar Vujanovic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia