Geoloski anali Balkanskoga poluostrva 2007 Issue 68, Pages: 1-7
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Microstructures of the Lim zone along the contact with Dinaridic Ophiolite nappe

Ilić Aleksandar, Pešić Luka

The Lim Zone is a part of the low-grade metamorphic core complex called the Lim Palaeozoic Unit, overlain by detached Triassic sedimentary successions. The Lim Unit is located in the footwall of overriding Dinaridic Ophiolite nappe. In general, three major ductile deformation phases could be observed on the boundary between the Lim Unit and the overriding Dinaridic Ophiolite nappe. In both, the Lim Unit and the Dinaridic ophiolite nappe, the major deformation event was related to the SSW-directed, oblique thrusting along the Dinaridic ophiolite thrust. The same orientation of the stretching lineation in both units is related to the predominant top-to-the-south shear, which suggests, therefore, oblique thrusting during the emplacement of the ophiolites over the Lim Unit. This paper deals with the results of microstructural analysis of Palaeozoic rocks of Lim Zone along the contact with Dinaridic ophiolite nappe.

Keywords: microstructure, shear zone, shear bends, transpression, oblique thrusting

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