Glasnik Sumarskog fakulteta 2007 Volume , Issue 96, Pages: 69-82
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Morphometric characteristics of the leaves of Greek maple (Acer heldreichii Orph) in central Serbia

Perović Marko

The taxonomic characteristics of Greek maple (Acer heldreichii Orph) were studied based on the analysis of leaf characteristics, by comparative-morphological method. The study was performed at three localities in central Serbia: Goč, Jastrebac and Rudnik. 30 normally developed trees were selected per each locality, and 30 leaves were selected from each tree for the analysis. The study includes 8 measured and 15 derived characteristics of leaves. The study results were statistically processed by correlation analysis, analysis of variance and cluster-analysis. It is concluded that there are two varieties, var. heldreichii and var. macropterum. Four forms are set aside in the variety macropterum: f. typicum f. dissectum, f. Equiloba and f. rotundiloba. The populations are relatively homogeneous, and both varieties occur at all three localities in significant numbers.

Keywords: Greek maple, Acer heldreichii, taxonomy, central Serbia, varieties, forms

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