Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2009 Volume 25, Issue 1-2, Pages: 125-132
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Slaughter results for kids of the domestic Balkan goat

Memiši N., Žujović M., Tomić Z., Petrović M.P.

The paper presents the investigation of slaugher results, i.e. meat production results, in 96 kids of the domestic Balkan goat (4 herds, 24 animals per herd, 50:50 sex ratio), slaughtered at 90 days of age to determine the differences between the herds investigated and sexes (male kids vs. female ones), pertaining to the quantitative characteristics of meat. The average warm carcass dressing percentage including the head and offal for kids from all the herds investigated was 58.19%. The differences established for dressing percentage, warm, cold, and cold with and without head and offal, between the herds investigated and sexes were not statistically significant (P>0,05). Established differences between linear measurements for kid carcass halves, were statistically significant (P<0,01) between herds, whereas pertaining to the sex of kids, they were significant on both levels((P<0,01and P<0,05). .

Keywords: domestic Balkan goat, kids, sex of kids, slaughter results

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