Archive of Oncology 2008 Volume 16, Issue 3-4, Pages: 59-68
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MicroRNA expression in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas

Baltić Vladimir, Baltić Milan, Svirčev Zorica, Jerant-Patić Vera

MicroRNAs are a class of short, single-stranded, noncoding RNA molecules that negatively regulate the expression target mRNA at posttranslational level. microRNAs as key regulatory molecules play important biological function and might act as tumor suppressor oncogenes in cancer and lymphomas. microRNAs cause the expression of important cancer related genes and might prove useful in the diagnostics, prognosis, and treatment of some lymphomas This review focuses on the role of microRNAs in normal lymphocyte differentiation and in development of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas.

Keywords: MicroRNAs, Lymphoma, Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin, Non MeSH Non-coding RNA, B-Lymphocytes, T-Lymphocytes, Cell Differentiation

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