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Hemijska industrija 2007 Volume 61, Issue 5, Pages: 263-271
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Modeling and simulation of the bioprocess with recirculation

Žerajić Stanko, Cvetković Dragan, Mladenović Ilija

The bioprocess models with recirculation present an integration of the model of continuous bioreaction system and the model of separation system. The reaction bioprocess is integrated with separation the biomass, formed product, no consumed substrate or inhibitory substance. In this paper the simulation model of recirculation bioprocess was developed, which may be applied for increasing the biomass productivity and product biosynthesis increasing the conversion of a substrate-to-product, mixing efficiency and secondary C02 separation. The goal of the work is optimal bioprocess configuration, which is determined by simulation optimization. The optimal hemostat state was used as referent. Step-by-step simulation method is necessary because the initial bioprocess state is changing with recirculation in each step. The simulation experiment confirms that at the recirculation ratio a. = 0.275 and the concentration factor C = 4 the maximum glucose conversion to ethanol and at a dilution rate ten times larger.

Keywords: bioprocess with recirculation, modeling and simulation, simulation optimization

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