Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2012 Volume 77, Issue 2, Pages: 247-255
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Iridium anomaly in the cretaceous-paleogene boundary at Højerup (Stevns Klint, Denmark) and Woodside Creek (New Zealand): The question of an enormous proportion of extraterrestrial component

Premović Pavle I., Ilić Budimir S., Đorđević Miloš G.

The Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary clays at Højerup and Woodside Creek show anomalous enrichments of iridium compared with the marine sedimentary rocks. For the average iridium content of 465 ppb in CI chondrite the estimate of the carbonaceous chondritic proportions in the decarbonated iridium-rich boundary layers, based on the integrated iridium fluencies, is about 26% at Højerup and 65% at Woodside Creek. These proportions are most likely too high due to a significant Ir influx from the nearby marine or continental site to these sections.

Keywords: fish clay, woodside creek, iridium, carbonaceous chondrite