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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2003 Volume 68, Issue 10, Pages: 715-718
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FTIR study on N-H·hydrogen bonding: N-alkylpropanamides - aromatic donor system

Nikolić Aleksandar M., Mladenović Marko R., Gobor Ladislav, Antonović Dušan G., Petrović Slobodan D.

This paper reports the results of an FTIR study in the region of the fundamental NH stretching vibration for N-methyl, N-isopropyl, N-tert-butyl and N-1,2,2-trimethylpropanamide – aromatic hydrocarbon systems. In addition to the spectroscopic parameters, the equilibrium constant for the 1:1 N-H···¶ complexes (at 298 K) are given.

Keywords: hydrogen bonding, N-monosubstituted amides, aromatic hydrocarbons