Facta universitatis - series: Electronics and Energetics 2003 Volume 16, Issue 1, Pages: 67-81
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Quality control of the hindside's axis stabilization using the instrumental servo system

Obradović Slobodan 1

In up to date wars, gunfiring from the vehicle in motion has become the basic way of action for operational armored vehicles (conveyors and tanks). Because of the rolling of the vehicle's body (caused by moving on the ground) and the change in the target coordinates (because the target is in motion, as well), the shooting accuracy in comparison with shooting accuracy in the case of shooting passive targets from the fixed position is substantially decreased. The particular problem is to measure the quality that is, to measure the error of achieved stabilization. This study describes the new, simple (and cheap) simulation method for the stabilization quality check, which enables the complete laboratory simulation of driving over the optional terrain in the real conditions, as well as the undisturbed examining in the extreme temperature conditions.

Keywords: Hindsight's axis, girostabilization, simulation, quality control, independent axis method

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