Archives of Biological Sciences 2011 Volume 63, Issue 4, Pages: 1031-1036
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The effects of the administration of two different doses of manganese on short-term spatial memory and anxiety-like behavior in rats

Hogas M., Ciobica A., Hogas Simona, Bild Veronica, Hritcu L.

Manganese is a very well known neurotoxic agent. It has been mainly linked to impaired motor skills and disturbed psychomotor development. However, very few aspects are known about the cognitive deficits and behavioral consequences of chronic manganese exposure. In this context, we report herein our findings regarding short-term spatial memory, motor and anxiety-like behavior assessments in male Wistar rats exposed for 45 days to two different doses (3 mg/kg b.w., i.p. and 10 mg/kg b.w., i.p.) of manganese. Behavior testing (Y-maze task and elevated plus maze) was performed after 45 days of manganese administration. Chronic manganese exposure in Wistar rats led to behavioral alterations consisting of cognitive deficiencies in the Y-maze task and anxiety/compulsive-like behaviors in the elevated plus maze, but no motor disturbances as tested by the number of arm entries in the Y-maze. Additional work is necessary to understand the longterm effects of different doses and dosing regimens of manganese on cognitive/affective and motor functioning.

Keywords: Manganese, short-term spatial memory, motor activity, anxiety-like behavior