Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 2010 Volume 57, Issue 4, Pages: 103-107
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Fractures of the upper part of the femur treated with Mitkovic selfdynamisable internal fixator (SIF)

Mitković Milorad B., Bumbaširević Marko Ž., Milenković Saša, Micić Ivan D., Mitković Milan M., Mitković Marija M., Mladenović Desimir S., Todorović Momčilo D.

Complex transtrochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures need dynamisation in two axis: in neck axis and in the long axis of the femur. In this study is present one new concept of the surgical treatment of the fractures of proximal femur using new double dynamic selfdynamisable internal fixator (SIF). Dynamisation along the femoral neck axis is available immediately after the fixation, while dynamisation in the long axis of the femur is activated spontaneously 4-6 weeks after the fixation. It is shown series of 30 consecutive fractures of the upper femur. The average operative time was 42 minutes and average blood loss was 70 (seventy) milliliters. All fractures healed within an average period of sixteen weeks (ranging from 12 to 24 weeks). There were no serious complications. Conclusion: SIF is one effective minimally invasive method for the treatment of complex trochanteric and subtrochanteric femoral fractures.

Keywords: femur, fracture, internal fixator, dynamisation

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