Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 2010 Volume 57, Issue 4, Pages: 33-38
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Značaj laparoskopije u proceni tupe abdominalne traume

Gregorić Pavle D., Bajec Đorđe D., Radenković Dejan V., Šijački Ana D., Karamarković Aleksandar R., Jeremić Vasilije, Ivančević Nenad Đ., Bumbaširević Vesna, Pandurović Milena, Karadžić Borivoje A., Ilić Nela, Đukić Vladimir R.

Laparoscopic diagnostics provides fast, reliable, clear, and obvious information on extent and depth of abdominal organs injury with minimizing additional trauma to the patient. It is performed without any specific preparations and, if needed, it may be promptly converted into conventional laparotomy. Through use of optical equipment with various refraction angles and through variable patient positioning, laparoscopic technique enables visualization of whole abdominal cavity. In approximately 20% of cases of unclear findings, and after other performed diagnostic procedures, laparoscopy provides definitive diagnosis. Abdominal surgeons are familiar with this method, making interpretation of the results very fast and reliable and, what is the most important, this method avoids additional trauma caused by conventional laparotomy.

Keywords: laparoscopy, diagnosis, non-penetrating, wounds

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