Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2009 Volume 25, Issue 1-2, Pages: 45-51
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Quantitative analysis of genetic improvement of milk production phenotypes in Simmental cows

Petrović M.M., Sretenović Lj., Bogdanović V., Perišić P., Aleksić S., Pantelić V., Petrović M.D., Novaković Ž.

Results of the effect of direct and indirect selection on quantitative properties of milk production of first calving Simmental cows in Serbia, are presented in the paper. Analysis of quantitative phenotypic parameters was carried out in four breeding regions and certain number of smaller farms where 1319 daughters of 13 bull sires were reared. Results of the analysis were obtained by application of mathematical-statistical data analysis, using mixed models (Harvey, 1990). Mathematical-statistical analysis of data was carried out using linear methods with fixed effect, through method of least squares (LS method), and for evaluation of bull breeding value mixed model of random bull sire effect was used (BLUP method). Based on obtained results it was established that analyzed breeding region has statistically highly significantly (**P<0.01.) caused deviations of production phenotypes from general average. Season and year of calving (*P<0.05.) have caused significant variations of production properties. .

Keywords: cow, milk, breeding value, rank, bull sire, BLUP

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