Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2002 Issue 28-29, Pages: 337-378
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Stochastic homogenization and macroscopic modelling of composites and flow through porous media

Telega Jozef Joachim, Bielski Wlodzimierz

The aim of this contribution is mainly twofold. First, the stochastic two-scale convergence in the mean developed by Bourgeat et al. [13] is used to derive the macroscopic models of: (i) diffusion in random porous medium, (ii) nonstationary flow of Stokesian fluid through random linear elastic porous medium. Second, the multi-scale convergence method developed by Allaire and Briane [7] for the case of several microperiodic scales is extended to random distribution of heterogeneities characterized by separated scales (stochastic reiterated homogenization). .

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