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Srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvo 2007 Volume 135, Issue 11-12, Pages: 686-688
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Medicine for children: The European initiative in the regulation of new drugs and clinical studies

Živković Zorica

Over the last two years, a special field named the "Medicine for Children" has been intensively developed. It is particularly significant for professionals, parents, but also for politicians and high-level officials of the European Union and its constitutive institutions: the European Health Commission and the European Council. The main idea is to make a drastic change in the attitude toward children, as the most vulnerable members of the society, namely to create the "Medicine for Children" instead of the "Medicine in Children". This short report presents the draft and ideas of the new European legislation on the application of drugs for children, performance of clinical studies in pediatric population and mandatory inclusion into the international network of scientific experts, clinical centers capable of performing studies and the already completed or ongoing clinical study registers.

Keywords: children, drugs, clinical studies

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