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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2009 Volume 74, Issue 8-9, Pages: 965-975
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Activity of carbon supported Pt3Ru2 nanocatalyst in CO oxidation

Popović Ksenija Đ., Lović Jelena D., Tripković Amalija V., Olszewski Piotr K.

The electrocatalytic activity of Pt3Ru2/C nanocatalyst toward the electro-oxidation of bulk CO was examined in acid and alkaline solution at ambient temperature using the thin-film, rotating disk electrode (RDE) method. The catalyst was characterized by XRD analysis. The XRD pattern revealed that the Pt3Ru2/C catalyst consisted of two structures, i.e., Pt-Ru-fcc and Ruhcp (a solid solution of Ru in Pt and a small amount of Ru or a solid solution of Pt in Ru). Electrocatalytic activities were measured by applying potentiodynamic and steady state techniques. The oxidation of CO on the Pt3Ru2/C catalyst was influenced by pH and anions from the supporting electrolytes. The Pt3Ru2/C was more active in alkaline than in acid solution, as well as in perchloric than in sulfuric acid. Comparison of CO oxidation on Pt3Ru2/C and Pt/C revealed that the Pt3Ru2/C was more active than Pt/C in acid solution, while both catalysts had a similar activity in alkaline solution.

Keywords: CO oxidation, Pt3Ru2/C nanocatalyst, XRD, pH effect, anion effect