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Medicinski pregled 2008 Volume 61, Issue 11-12, Pages: 607-614
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Dilemmas in diagnostics of disseminated echinococcosis

Lalošević Dušan, Fenyvesi Attila, Lalošević Vesna, Popović Želimir, Mesaroš Antal

A case of disseminated peritoneal echinococcosis localized in the small pelvis and ovary was diagnosed in a 12-year old girl. Secondary hydatid echinococcosis following the rupture of a primary liver cyst was presumed. A morphological differential diagnosis of the unilocular and multilocular or alveolar echinococcus in biopsy material was considered. Finding of a protoscolex or at least chitin hooklets suggests a hydatid echinococcus, whereas alveolar or multilocular echinococcus does not produce protoscoleces in humans, hence the absence of their hooklets in the material is considered an important morphological diagnostic criterion.

Keywords: Echinococcosis, Diagnosis, Differential, Child, Epidemiology

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