Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 2008 Volume 55, Issue 4, Pages: 61-67
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Comminuted intra-articular fractures of distal humerus treated with minimal fixation: One of treatment options

Cvetković V.R., Lešić A.R., Bumbaširević M.Ž.

Fractures of distal humerus on humen skeleton are rare and intraarticular fractions of distal part of humerus occur even less frequently, they comprise about 3% of fractures of humerus. However, these fractures can result in a functional deficiency of elbow joint and permanent disability. The main goal if our work was to present one of the surgical treatment options of this kind of fracture with minimal amount of fixation material. Treatment result were evaluated by Broberg-Morrey score system. Pilot study consisted of eight patient with comminuted type IV fracture of distal humerus during 2004-2005 time period. Comminuted fracture was fixed with minimal amount of material: a Kirchner needle and a screw. Patient treatment progress was evaluated initially and followed up after four, nine and twenty four months by B-M score after removal of cast and bone fixing material. The results of the B-M score after four months were: excellent in 0 patient, good in 2 patients, fair in 4 patients and poor in 2 patients. After physical therapy and follow up check- up at the end of nine months the result were: excellent in 3 patients, good in 3 patients, fair in 2 patients and no patients had shown poor result. This B-M score result was identical after 24 months follow up with minor deviations in range of motions of elbow, which did not influence the final result of B-M score.

Keywords: distal humerus, intra-articular fractures, Broberg-Morrey score

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