Logical and epistemological approach to critical thinking
Pešić Jelena
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):173-190
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Construction and co-construction in cognitive development
Jovanović Vitomir, Baucal Aleksandar
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):191-209
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Construct validity of multidimensional personality questionnaire (MPQ)
Mitrović Dušanka, Smederevac Snežana
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):211-228
Details  Full text ( 278 KB)  DOI:10.2298/PSI0702211M
Evaluation of the Holland model of the professional interests in Croatia and Serbia
Hedrih Vladimir, Šverko Iva
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):227-244
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Relation between stages of change and motivation in the treatment of psychiatric patients1
Gavrilov-Jerković Vesna
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):245-262
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Methodological problems in Rorschach research
Đurić-Jočić Dragana
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):263-275
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Negative feedback, beliefs and personal goals in prediction of dysfunctional emotions
Popov Boris, Novović Zdenka
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):277-292
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Raven's colored progressive matrices (CPM) - basic metric characteristics and norms
Fajgelj Stanislav, Bala Gustav, Tubić Tatjana
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):293-308
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Violence in primary schools in Serbia: Forms and prevalence
Popadić Dragan, Plut Dijana
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):309-328
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Structure of personality psychology based on cocitation analysis of prominent authors
Jevremov Tanja, Pajić Dejan, Šipka Pero
Psihologija, 2007 40(2):329-343
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