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Medicinski pregled 2005 Volume 58, Issue 11-12, Pages: 553-557
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Kinesitherapy: One of the most important aspects of medical rehabilitation

Savić Kosta

Introduction Kinesitherapy, as a part of physical therapy, represents one of the most important aspects of medical rehabilitation. It involves movement of various parts of the body, or of the whole body, using exercises in order to maintain, establish, develop and change functions of the locomotor apparatus and organs of locomotion. Aim The aim of kinesitherapy is to use all potentials of the treated patients, to achieve optimal recovery of the damaged function of locomotion. Classification Kinesitherapy includes active and passive exercises. Active exercises are divided into: active exercises with assistance, without assistance and active exercises with resistance. Indications and contraindications Kinesitherapy is applied in almost all medical branches in numerous pathological conditions, as well as a method of prevention. Practically, there are no absolute contraindications, and relative are extremely rare.

Keywords: kinesiology, applied, physical therapy, rehabilitation, motion therapy, continuous passive, exercise therapy

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