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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2002 Volume 67, Issue 12, Pages: 803-808
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The effect of solvent on the kinetics of the oxidation of benzaldehydes by quinolinium chlorochromate in aqueous organic solvent media

Jeyanthi Fatima G., Vijayakiiinarand G., Elango K.P.

The kinetics of the oxidation of benzaldehyde and para-substituted benzaldehydes by quinolinium chlorochromate in water-dimethylformamide mixtures has been studied under pseudo-first-order conditions at 25±0.2ºC. The operation of non-specific and specific solvent-solute interactions was explored by correlating the rate data with solvent parameters through a correlation analysis technique. Both electron-releasing and electron-withdrawing substitutents enhance the rate of oxidation and the Hammett plot shows a break in the reactivity order indicating the applicability of a dual mechanism.

Keywords: kinetics, solvent effect, structural effect, benzaldehyde, oxidation.