TY - JOUR TI - Influence of the gypsum dehydration temperature and alkali additives on the properties of anhydrite cement AU - Leskeviciene V. AU - Sarlauskaite I. AU - Nizeviciene D. AU - Kybartiene N. JN - Science of Sintering PY - 2010 VL - 42 IS - 2 SP - 233 EP - 243 PT- Article AB- While dehydrating gypsum with additives at the temperatures of 800°C and 900°C the influence of alkali additives on both the crystalline structure of anhydrite and properties of anhydrite binder was investigated. The industrial and household wastes including other lowcost materials were used as additives. Having heated them with gypsum the anhydrite with alkali activation properties was obtained. The properties of such substances were evaluated using the methods of chemical, diffractive X-ray scanning and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analyses. Some additives, e.g. 5 % ground glass waste, were found to increase crystal agglomerate formation of anhydrite binder, accelerate the hydration process of anhydrite and double the compressive strength of hydrated samples compared to samples without additives.