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Thermal Science 2012 Volume 16, Issue 4, Pages: 1097-1104
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Thermal energy storage system using phase change materials: Constant heat source

Reddy Meenakshi R., Nallusamy N., Prasad Anjaneya B., Reddy Hemachandra K.

The usage of phase change materials (PCM) to store the heat in the form of latent heat is increased, because large quantity of thermal energy is stored in smaller volumes. In the present experimental investigation paraffin and stearic acid are employed as PCMs in thermal energy storage (TES) system to store the heat as sensible and latent heat also. A constant heat source is used to supply heat transfer fluid (HTF) at constant temperature to the TES system. In the TES system PCMs are stored in the form of spherical capsules of 38 mm diameter made of high density poly ethylene (HDPE). The results of the investigation are related to the charging time and recovery of stored energy from the TES system.