Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2007 Volume 23, Issue 5-6-2, Pages: 323-329
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Effect of partial substitution of standard meal in chicken feed by rape seed on carcass and meat quality

Džinić N., Petrović Lj., Tomović V., Tasić T., Filipović S.

Effect of partial substitution of crushed soybean by different portions of rape seed on yield and chicken breast quality (nutritive and technological) was investigated in the paper. ROSS 308 hybrids were used for investigations. Control group (K) was fed with standard mixture and experimental groups with mixture in which crushed soybean partially substituted by 10% (O1), 15% (O2) and 20% (O3) extruded rape seed (EZUR). Rape seed was extruded with corn germ in ratio 50:50. It was concluded that there are no significant differences in breast meat yield between control and experimental groups (P > 0.05). The changes in chicken meal had no influence (P > 0.05) on nutritive quality of breast meat (the contents on protein, connective tissue protein, free fat and total ash). Additionally was found that the technological quality of breast meat of the control and experimental groups averagely corresponds to "normal" meat quality considering the parameters and criteria for quality determination (pHu, L*, water holding capacity).

Keywords: chicken meat, feed, rape seed, carcass and meat quality

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