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Vojnosanitetski pregled 2005 Volume 62, Issue 11, Pages: 827-831
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Unerupted lower third molar as a cause of acute infection in soldiers

Matijević Stevo, Marjanović Marjan

Background/Aim. To record the frequency of infections as complications accompanying the unerupted lower third molars and to determine if there was a significant level of the relationship between the frequency and the severity of infections and the age of patients. Methods. This study included 100 soldiers of the Army of Serbia & Montenegro, with the unerupted third molars, of male sex, 18 to 25 years old, who were receiving clinical treatment. Results. In 73% of the patients the infection was caused with the unerupted lower third molars. The highest frequency of infection was observed in the group of 20−23 years of age (75.3%). Mild infection occurred in 49 (67.1%) of the patients. Conclusion. The frequency of infection was significantly higher in the older patients. Because of the high frequency of the infection recorded, the unerupted lower third molars should be surgically removed before the age of 20.

Keywords: molar, third, tooth eruption, mandible, focal infection, dental, military personnel, medicare

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