Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering 2009 Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages: 343-349
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An optical WDM link simulation at 4·10 Gb/s with the COMSIS software

Benameur S., Kandouci M., Boumediène O., Taik S., Bouzid M., Oukli M.

The evolution of data transmission using optical fiber media has been accelerated since the advent of technical multiplexing wavelengths (WDM), which helps to achieve bit rates of a few Tb/s transported by a single fiber. In this context, we propose in this work, to make a simulation of a system WDM, at 4·10Gb/s with the COMSIS simulator system. We will interest especially to demultiplexing. .

Keywords: optical fiber, optical link, COMSIS software, WDM, semultiplexer, Q-factor

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