Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering 2010 Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages: 21-40
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A novel robust adaptive control algorithm and application to DTC-SVM of AC drives

Belkacem Sebti, Naceri Farid, Abdessemed Rachid

In this paper a new robust adaptive control algorithm for AC machine is presented. The main feature of this algorithm is that minimum synthesis is required to implement the strategy. The MCS algorithm is a significant development of MRAC and is similary based on the hyper stability theory of Popov. The hyperstability theory guarantees the global asymptotic stability of the error vector (i.e. the difference between the reference model and system states). Finally, a new approach has been successfully implemented to DTC-SVM. Discussion on theoretical aspects, such as, selection of a reference model, stability analysis, gain adaptive and steady state error are included. Results of simulations are also presented.

Keywords: minimum controller synthesis (MCS), robust approach, AC machine, DTC-SVM, Lyapunov function

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