Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2010 Volume 75, Issue 2, Pages: 249-258
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A kinetic study of Co oxidation over the perovskite-like oxide LaSrNio4

Wang Kejun, Zhong Ping

The effect of reactant/product concentrations, reaction temperature and contact time on CO oxidation was investigated, using the perovskite-like oxide LaSrNiO4 as the catalyst. It was found that the reaction order of CO (reactant), as well as that of CO2 (product), is negative, the reaction orders for CO and CO2 being -0.32 and -0.51, respectively. However, the reaction order for O2 is positive, having a value of 0.62. The negative reaction order of CO and CO2 might be due to their competitive adsorption with O2, preventing the proceeding of oxygen dissociation (the rate-determining step of the reaction). The activation energy (Ea) of the reaction was calculated to be 49.3 kJ mol-1; this small activation energy suggests that LaSrNiO4 is a potential candidate for the CO oxidation reaction. The optimum weight hourly space velocity (WHSV) of the reaction was found to be 0.6 g s cm-3. The reaction conditions in the present case were (0.5-1 % CO + 0.5-2 % O2 + 0-2 % CO2), with He as the balance gas.

Keywords: CO oxidation, perovskite-like oxide, LaSrNiO4, kinetics, mechanism

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