Temida 2003 Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages: 53-60
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Implementation of the Domestic Violence Law in the Republika Srpska

Marković Ivanka

In this paper author analyzes criminal offence "Violence in family or extended family". This criminal offence was introduced for the first time in the new Criminal Code of the Republika Srpska in 2000 (article 198). In the first part of the paper author exposes characteristics of legal provisions regarding criminal offence "Violence in family or extended family". In the second part practical implementation of this criminal offence is analyzed. For doing that analyzes, the author uses the interviews carried out with representatives of the police, prosecutors judges and representatives of non-governmental organizations. At the end author suggests introduction of certain measures for victim protection such as mandatory arrest of a perpetrator, the increased efficiency of the criminal procedure, restraining orders (regarding communication and contact between perpetrator and victim) and other measures, which should provide adequate implementation of this incrimination and optimal protection of victims of this crime.

Keywords: nasilje u porodici, fizičko i psihičko nasilje, tjelesni i psihički integritet, drsko i bezobzirno ponašanje, praktična primjena čl. 198. KZRS

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