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Hemijska industrija 2005 Volume 59, Issue 7-8, Pages: 180-184
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Pulp moulding machines for the production of packing paper elements

Lukić Ljubomir S., Krgović Milorad V., Jaraković Ilija M.

Paper pulp molds are now commonly applied in the technology of modern packing for a wide range of products. The technological process of producing the paper molds has three basic phases: paper pulp preparation, in which water and waste paper are the basic raw materials, the formation of product in tool pulp moulding machines and process drying. The firm "SERVOTEH" from Belgrade has developed various pulp moulding machines for different operating conditions (manual, semiautomatic and automatic operation), different manufacturing capacities and an alternative number of tools. The system of "SERVOTEH" pulp moulding machines covers several construction solutions: a sinking system, veer system and rotation system. This paper presents the technological process, as well as the integral and concept approach to the design of pulp moulding machines and system tools.

Keywords: pulp moulding machines, paper elements for packing

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