TY - JOUR TI - Semi-analytical formulas for the fundamental parameters of galactic early B supergiants AU - Zaninetti L. JN - Serbian Astronomical Journal PY - 2009 IS - 179 SP - 69 EP - 74 PT- Article AB- The publication of new tables of calibration of some fundamental parameters of Galactic B0-B5 supergiants in the two classes Ia and Ib allows to particularize the eight parameters conjecture that model five fundamental parameters. The numerical expressions for visual magnitude, radius, mass, luminosity and surface gravity are derived for supergiants in the range of temperature between 29700 K and 15200 K. The availability of accurate tables of calibration allows us to estimate the efficiency of the derived formulas in reproducing the observed values. The average efficiency of the new formulas, expressed in percent, is 94 for the visual magnitude, 81 for the mass, 96 for the radius, 99 for the logarithm of the luminosity and 97 for the logarithm of the surface gravity.