Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly 2008 Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages: 39-45
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The influence of tartaric acid on the phenomena of Al(OH)3 crystallization from the caustic soda solution

Nikolić Irena, Blečić Dragoljub, Blagojević Nada

Crystallization of Al(OH)3 from the caustic soda solution is the most important part of the Bayer process for alumina production because several phenomena which determine the properties of precipitated Al(OH)3 occur simultaneously. These processes are nucleation, agglomeration and Al(OH)3 growth. In this paper we have investigated the influence of tartaric acid on agglomeration, nucleation and Al(OH)3 crystal growth processes. The results have shown the inhibitory influence of these impurities on the phenomena mentioned above.

Keywords: crystallization, caustic soda solutions, Al(OH)3, tartaric acid, agglomeration, nucleation, crystal growth

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