Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 2004 Volume 51, Issue 1, Pages: 103-107
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Surgery of cholesteatoma: Surgical technique and cholesteatoma recurrences

Arsović Nenad, Radulović Radomir, Ješić Snežana, Krejović-Trivić S., Stanković P., Đukić Vojko

Past experience with open and closed techniques of tympanoplasty in surgery of cholesteatoma has shown that recurring illness is one of the major causes of surgical failure. The literature has reported varying trend of surgical treatment of cholesteatoma. The objective of the study was to analyze the significance of surgical technique in relation to the incidence and most frequent localization of recurrent cholesteatoma. Our study analyzed 120 patients operated on for cholesteatoma. The patients were divided into two groups, group I (45) with recurring disease and group II (75) without any recurring condition, which were followed up three years. Statistical analysis was carried out by modified t-test. The largest number of patients was re-operated in the first two years from the initial surgery (50%), In the majority of patients (50%), recurrent cholesteatoma was most commonly localized (stage I) in attic (20%) and much rarely in mesotympanum (11,9%). Stage III recurrent cholesteatoma was verified in 35% of patients, most frequently diffuse form (13,4%). The involvement of attic by all three stages of disease accounted for over 60%. The analysis of the used techniques of surgical treatment in both groups revealed significant difference. Open techniques of tympanoplasty were used in 60% of patients with no recurrence. Closed techniques were used more frequently in patients with recurring disease, i.e. in over 90% of cases. Recurrent cholesteatoma develops, in the majority of cases, during the first two years after the surgical intervention. Attic is the most common localization of cholesteatoma. More frequent utilization of open technique of tympanoplasty for surgery of cholesteatoma significantly reduces the incidence of recurring condition. The indications for CWD technique are the initial spread of cholesteatoma, possibility of complete removal of cholesteatoma and postoperative follow-up of patients.

Keywords: cholesteatoma, surgical technique, recurrences

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