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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2011 Volume 76, Issue 7, Pages: 965-972
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Optimization of the growth of and α-amylase production by Bacillus subtilis IP 5832 in shake flask and laboratory fermenter batch cultures

Božić Nataša, Ruiz Jordi, López-Santín Josep, Vujčić Zoran

Cell growth and the level of α-amylase in response to the carbon and nitrogen sources used for the growth of the strain Bacillus subtilis IP 5832 were examined. Based on the amylase productivity level in shake flask cultures after 24 hours of growth, the growth medium containing starch and peptone was selected as the best medium. Amylase production was greatly reduced when glutamate or citrate as sources of carbon were used. Experiments performed at different initial concentrations of starch showed that although the strain grew well with all the starch concentration used, 0.5 % starch was necessary for maximum α-amylase production, inducing 1.55 IU mL-1 of amylase to be secreted after 8 h of cultivation in shaking flasks. During the batch fermentation of B. subtilis IP 5832 strain in 2 L laboratory fermenter, a 60 % higher activity (2.5 IU mL-1) was obtained. The production of the enzyme was directly related to the growth of the strain. Maximum enzyme activity was obtained at the beginning of the stationary growth phase.

Keywords: growth, α-amylase, Bacillus subtilis, fermenter, batch cultures