Zbornik Matice srpske za drustvene nauke 2009 Volume , Issue 128, Pages: 47-61
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Contemporary Serbian stereotypes about the Chinese in Belgrade: When you say China, I think about Block 70 or…

Blagojević Gordana

The Chinese widely settled in Serbia in the 1990's. There is no official data on the real number of the Chinese living in Serbia. Most of the Chinese live in New Belgrade, near the shopping center at Block 70. Media images of the Chinese community in Serbia, especially in Belgrade are at the level of urban legend. Those are stories about their number, nutrition, non-dying fictitious mixed marriages, etc. Knowledge of contemporary Serbs about the Chinese mainly exists at the level of media information or it is based on contacts with representatives of the Chinese community in Serbia. In this sense, there are two different kinds of stereotypes among the Serbs about the Chinese. Some are related to the picture of the Chinese Chinese, i.e. Chinese in China, and others are pictures of the Serbian Chinese, i.e. Chinese who live in Serbia. Association differs according to age structure and depending on which part of the city examinees live in. Almost all of the older examinees, regardless of gender and education, emphasized the difference between the Chinese population in China and those in Serbia. In addition, films made a significant role in getting to know Chinese culture. Association with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan appeared to the words China and Chinese among examinees of all ages. How ethnic hetero-stereotypes about the Chinese in Serbia will continue to change depends on different factors. First of all, on social and political factors and images of someone else mainly created through the media.

Keywords: etnički stereotipi, Kina, Kinezi, stereotipi Srba o Kinezima

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