Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly 2008 Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages: 11-15
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The effect of bio-based plasticizer on the permanence and water vapor transport properties of PVC plastigels

Okieimen F.E., Egbuchunam T.O., Balköse D.

Novel formulations of PVC plastisols based on blends of bio-based and synthetic plasticizers were prepared and characterized. A traditional phthalate plasticizer, dioctylphthalate, was replaced in the plastisols studied by the epoxidized rubber seed oil (4.5 % oxirane content). The plastisols formed were processed into plastigels and characterized in terms of permanence properties using leaching and migration tests and water vapour barrier properties. It was found that the permanence properties of PVC/DOP plastigels were maintained in the presence of up to 50 % ERSO, and that blending with DOP did not impair the water barrier properties of PVC plastigels.

Keywords: biobased plasticizer, PVC, permeability, permanence

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