TY - JOUR TI - Eukaryotes arose after genetic recombination AU - Stupar Milanko R. JN - Archive of Oncology PY - 2006 VL - 14 IS - 1-2 SP - 11 EP - 14 PT- Article AB- Division of ancestral prokaryotic pragenome into two circular double-stranded DNA molecules by genetic recombination, is a base for future separate evolution of nuclear and mitochondrial gene compartment. This suggests monophyletic origin of both, mitochondrion and nucleus. Presumed organism which genome undergoes genetic recombination has to be searched among an aerobic, oxygen nonproducing, archaeon with no rigid cell wall, but a plasma membrane. Plastid evolves from an aerobic, oxygen producing protoeukaryote, after mitoplastid genome duplication and subsequent functional segregation.